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Puntland parliament casts controversial vote to strip former speaker of parliamentary seat

Tuesday December 10, 2019

GAROWE (HOL) - Former Puntland Speaker Abdihakin Dhoobo Daareed who was removed as speaker last month was Tuesday forced to vacate his seat as MP in a controversial no confidence vote.

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Daareed’s fate appeared to be sealed when majority of the MPs-40 out of 41 present voted to rid the lawmaker of the parliamentary seat.

It was not immediately clear under what circumstances the lawmaker could be removed from office mid term without the approval from his constituency.

Sources in Garowe said the lawmaker’s fate appeared a foregone conclusion following mobilization by the state government of MPs to remove the MP from office.

Daareed had been at loggerheads with State President Abdullahi Dani culminating into a no-confidence vote which ended the lawmaker’s brief stint as state parliament speaker.

More to follow.

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