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Grenade wielding Al-Shabaab suspect arrested in Mogadishu

Wednesday December 4, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Security forces Wednesday nabbed a suspected Al-Shabaab operative in Mogadishu in possession of a hand grenade barely a week after another suspect was arrested for planting an explosive device on a vehicle in the city.

The intelligence agency, NISA said it arrested the suspect as he planned to cause harm using the grenade. “The security forces arrested the suspect as he tried to detonated the grenade,” NISA said in a tweet.

The arrest of the suspected Al-Shabaab element comes about a week after another Al-Shabaab member was arrested in Mogadishu’s Zoobe area after he planted an improvised explosive device (IED) on a vehicle.

The vehicle went up in flames injuring a female passerby.

Security has been intensified in Mogadishu in recent months with the city recording no major incidences of attack since mid of the year.


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