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UAE nationals arrested for poaching in Somaliland deported

Sunday December 1, 2019

HARGEISA (HOL) -  Nine Emirati nationals who were arrested last week for illegally hunting game in Somaliland were deported Saturday.

The UAE nationals were arrested by Somaliland authorities following circulation of pictures on social media showing the men slaughtering carcasses of deer.

Sources say the nine were fined $10,000 for poaching in Somaliland without the approval of from the Ministry of Wildlife. They were arrested as they were about to board a plane to leave for UAE.

Two foreigners were handed three years jail term last year for attempting to smuggle cheetah cubs from Somaliland.

From Somaliland, cubs are shipped by boat across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen, then driven overland to the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia.


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