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Twenty injured as Mandera bus overturns

Thursday August 8, 2019

At least 20 people have been admitted at Mandera County Hospital with multiple injuries after the Nairobi-bound bus they were travelling in overturned.

The Wednesday morning accident occurred at Hareri on the Mandera-Rhamu road.

Most of the victims, who sustained fractures, were scheduled to undergo operations at the facility’s theatre.

Mandera county secretary Abdinur Maalim Hussein said the medical team responded to the emergency and most of the victims were in stable condition.

At least two victims had their arms amputated.

Most of the victims who spoke to the press from their hospital beds blamed the driver for overspeeding.

The bus is said to have arrived on Monday evening and was back on the road to Nairobi on Tuesday without being serviced.

In practice, a bus will stay in Mandera for at least a day to be serviced before embarking on another trip to Nairobi.

“We are calling on police and National Transport and Safety Authority to vet bus drivers operating on this route. These accidents are claiming lives of hundreds of our people,” Hussein said.

A total of five buses left the town to Nairobi with the majority of passengers being students and teachers proceeding for the August holidays.

The transport business is at its peak in Mandera after schools closed. Most buses are overbooked.


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