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South Africa must be expelled from African Union, Paul Kagame suggested

Monday September 16, 2019

Rwandan President Paul Kagame, at a press briefing that announced the welcome of Africans stranded in Libya on his territory, spoke out on the South Africa case.

Nelson Mandela’s country must necessarily be removed from all forums of the African Union, he suggests.

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Paul Kagame  raises voice following xenophobic acts in South Africa. For Rwanda’s strongman, South Africa must be simply expelled from the African Union’s forums, as it did during the Apartheid era.

This suggestion is driven by the complicity of the South African authorities with xenophobes, Mr. Kagame deplores in his speech.

This complicity is evident in President Ramaphoza’s message that his counterparts are reluctant to accept the results.

“And when I hear my counterpart Ramaphoza say that the record of these recent attacks is 10 deaths, including only one foreigner, I think that we should temporarily set aside the RSA from all the bodies of the African Union and other subregional organizations, so that it can understand that Africa is called upon in this 21st century to be united and indivisible in the face of the challenges of globalization," Paul Kagame told the Rwandan press.

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