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Elders in Hiiraan clash with Federal Government over planned transfer of recruits to Dhusamareb

Hiiraan Online
Thursday September 12, 2019

BELEDWEYE (HOL) - A standoff is building up in Hiiraan region following a tussle between the Federal Government and elders in the region over planned transfer of military recruits from Beletweyne to Galgaduud region.

According to multiple sources in Hiiraan, negotiations are underway to resolve the stalemate even as elders warn the Federal Government against the planned move.

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The crux of the disputes, HOL has learnt is proposal to move about 600 recruits who have been undergoing training in Hiiraan region to join SNA troops in liberating Elbur locality from Al-Shabaab control.

However, the elders have objected to the transfer noting the recruits drawn from the self-style Maa’wisley brigade had not completed the training. The elders also cited lack of equipment for the recruits.

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire is understood to have asked for the 600 recruits in Lam Galay training camp to be incorporated into the national army to help in the liberation operations in the region.

Further, the Prime Minister reportedly threatened to strike out the recruits from any government records if they fail to move to Dhusamareb for redeployment.

Sources have also intimated to HOL that some of the recruits have left the camp while others are protesting the Federal Government directive.

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