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We will rebuilt stadium without fear, Somali government says, dismisses reports of Shabaab orders

Hiiraan Online
Monday September 9, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somali government has dismissed as ‘falsehoods’ reports that the militant group Al-Shabaab has ordered the stoppage of reconstruction works at the national stadium in Mogadishu, vowing it is committed to finishing the project according to plan.

Responding to local media reports that the militant group Al-Shabaab had ordered construction works at the sporting facility stopped, Information Minister Mohamed Hayir Mareye who was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled in a tour of the facility said there was ‘no such directive’.

“Nobody can stop the reconstruction of the stadium. We will rebuild it without fear of anybody,” Mareye said.

Earlier reports in the media said the Al-Shabaab had directed a construction company in the stadium to stop works and that a similar directive was issued to casual workers not to report to the site.

But the government termed such directives as ‘rumours’.

Mogadishu Mayor Omar Mohamud Filish and Sports Minister Khadija Mohamed were also part of the government team that visited the stadium.

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