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Prominent Kismayo elder gunned down in a spate of killings targeting elders

Monday October 21, 2019

KISMAYO (HOL) - A prominent elder was killed Sunday evening in Kismayo in what is becoming a spate of killings targeting elders in various parts of the country.

The elder named Said Abdullahi (Saciid Adoon) is reported to have been shot dead by armed assailants Sunday evening who later fled the scene.

The circumstances surrounding Abdullahi’s killing remain unknown but it adds to similar ones in the recent past.

Jubbaland state spokesman Abdinur Ibrahim Hussein confirmed the death of the elder noting investigations were already on to track down the killers.

Another elder identified as Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim was gunned down last week in a similar manner in Afgooye in the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu.

In the build up to the parliamentary and presidential elections in Jubbaland in August, a prominent elder named Sultan Rashid Duure Omar was shot dead as he left a mosque in Kismayo.

These murders remain unresolved.


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