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Somali army recovers hundreds of sheep and goats from Al-Shabab in Gedo region

Wednesday October 16, 2019

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Hundreds of goats and sheep which had been confiscated by Al-Shabaab were recovered Tuesday by Somali security forces in Gedo region.

Following an operation in Reydab village near farming areas of Badhere district, the forces overpowered the militants and recovered the livestock, sources said.

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The livestock had been taken by Al-Shabaab fighters from farmers as part of what they described as zakat, the Islamic mandatory charitable contribution which is done annually.

The livestock was later handed by to the owners. Somali forces have in the recent weeks conducted coordinated operations in southern regions driving out Al-Shabaab in remaining strangleholds.

Kenyan forces under AMISOM captured Bardhere from Al-Shabaab in 2015 but Al-Shabaab has maintained presence in nearby districts.

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