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Puntland’s Deni arrives in Kismayo as preparations for Madobe’s inauguration on course

Hiiraan Online
Thursday October 10, 2019

KISMAYO (HOL) - Puntland president Abdullahi Deni landed in Kismayo Thursday joining a growing list of politicians heading to the coastal city ahead of Ahmed Madobe’s inauguration even as the Federal Government plans to conduct a new election.

The plane carrying Deni and senior officials from his administration landed at Kismayu mid-morning from Garowe bypassing Mogadishu amid souring relations with the Federal Government.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority last month ordered all airlines leaving for Kismayu to stop over at Mogadishu before proceeding to their final destination but politicians have defied the order.

A plane carrying former presidents, Sharif Sheikh Adan (South West) and Abdikarin Guled (Galmudug) flew directly from Nairobi to Kismayu last weak sparking a protest by Somalia over what it termed as violation of airspace by Kenya.

The date for Madobe’s inauguration has not been made public.

The federal Ministry of Interior announced last week what it termed as new guidelines for election of new MPs and president for Jubbaland state.

It noted previous process in August was a ‘nullity’ since it did not follow the law.

Other politicians are expected to travel to Kismayu for Madobe’s inauguration in the coming days.

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