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We’re not open for talks, Somalia says as Kenya seeks more time

Saturday October 5, 2019

THE HAGUE (HOL) - Somalia has stood ground against any talks with Kenya over the maritime case at the International Court of Justice noting it had vested its confidence on the UN court.

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Deputy PM Mahdi Guled who led the Somali delegation to the ICJ at the Hague told journalists Somalia was not open to any talks and that the case should proceed without further delay.

Guled also argued against any extension of timelines noting the two months set by the court should be enough for Kenya.

The Deputy PM presented Somalia’s position at the court following a summon amid claims Kenya had sought a further extension as the November deadline looms. The ICJ, sources within the Somali delegation said, had asked Somalia to present itself to the court following a new filing by Kenya.

It is understood Kenya is seeking a further one-year extension after the Court granted it two months in September. Kenya had argued it needed more time to constitute a new defense team.

Guled was accompanied by Attorney General Ahmed Dahir and Somalia’s ambassador to the Eu Ali Fiqi.
The court is expected to give directions of the Kenyan prayers soon.

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