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Yet another first for Somalis in US as two women elected to City Councils

Wednesday November 6, 2019

NEW YORK (HOL) - Two Somalia women secured historic wins in two US city council elections Tuesday attesting to remarkable participation of Somali immigrants in leadership roles in the US.

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In St. Luis Park city council in Minnesota, 23 year old Nadia Mohamed decisively won by 63% to secure a seat at the city council.

Nadia who ran on a platform of affordable house, racial equity, youth engagement and climate action according to her campaign website became the first Somalia and Muslim woman to take a sit at the City Council.

According to a US based website Sahan Journal, Nadia got in involved in city politics to build connections within the St. Louis Park community. She joined the St. Louis Park Multicultural Advisory Committee, which helps bridge the city’s police departments with different cultural groups.

In March, Nadia received the St. Louis Park Human Rights Award in recognition of her “continuous dedication, leadership in connecting and communicating across cultures and ability to find new ways to build relationships in the community, the website reports.

In Maine, another female Somali was elected to the Lewiston City Council. Safiya Khalid also 23, defeated fellow democrat to become the city council’s new member. The Associated Press reported that Safiya called her campaign proof that "community organizers beat internet trolls."

The win by the two Somalis adds to an increasing number of Americans of Somali extraction who have clinched leadership positions in the last few years. Congress woman Ilhan Omar led the pack of three other Somalis in 2016 to be elected to political office.

In Canada, Ahmed Hussein was elected MP in 2015 and went ahead to become Immigration Minister in 2017. He was re-elected MP last month.


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