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Senior al-Shabab militant killed in central Somalia

Saturday March 9, 2019

Somali national forces on Thursday killed a senior al-Shabab militant in an operation conducted in Beledweyne town in Somalia's central region of Hiran, officials said.

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Farah Ali Wasuge, commander of unit five, section 27 told the journalists that an offensive launched by Somali national forces in Beledweyne killed a senior al-Shabab official who was the masterminder of explosions in the town.

"Our forces shot the official as he was preparing explosives in a road, and escaped with bullet wounds to a house in Howl-wadag village in Beledweyne. He later died in exchange of gunfire with the security forces," the commander said.

He noted that the troops stormed into the house and found weapons and many explosive materials, arresting the militant's wife who denied that she was aware of the weapons and the explosives that her husband kept in his special room in the house.

Somali national forces backed by African Union Mission in Somalia have intensified the operations on al-Qaida affiliated group in central and southern Somalia, conducting major operations to drive the militants out of those regions.

Al-Shabab was ousted from the capital Mogadishu in August 2011, but the terror group is still in control of several areas in southern Somalia and capable of conducting attacks.

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