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Calls for enhancing security in Mogadishu's streets out of fear of suicide attacks

Tuesday July 30, 2019

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Following the numerous suicide attacks carried out by al-Shabaab in several Somali provinces, Mogadishu's streets became unsafe which has negatively affected the lives of citizens and raised fears of another one of these attacks being carried out unexpectedly, as they called on the Somali community to unite in order to restor the security in Mogadishu's streets.

Arab24 Interviews Mogadishu residents on how they see the security challenges in Mogadishu

Mohamed Ibrahim Ismail "When I hear the sound of explosions, I feel sorry for the victims of these bombings because I am a Somali citizen who pitys the blood of my brothers, and every Somali must contribute to the country's development and security, so we do hold the solidrrs responsible nor the minister of security,  every citizen and I am at the forefront is obliged to fight all that is against the sovereignty of the country"

" The bombings in the capital are planting anxiety and loss of hope for the Somali people as their lives have been negatively affected,  since university students who use the capital's main roads on daily basis are constantly burdend by the idea of explosions, I am always worried" said Abdi Mohamed Elmi who lives in Mogadishu.

Shremaki AbdulQadir said "The bombings are not an obstacle to me only, but I share this with the whole community, however solidarity, brotherhood, trust, respect, love, welcoming, and raising the name of Somalia are the only things to get us out from this critical situation"

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