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Ethiopia: Somali regional state council lifted immunity of 12 members

Friday February 8, 2019

In its regular session today, Council of Somali regional state removed immunity of twelve members, according to a report by state media.

Members whose immunity is removed have been serving the regional state in various senior positions in the regional state.

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Their immunity is lifted due to their alleged involvement in manufactured security crisis in the region sometime in July 2018 which resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians, among other forms of damages. They are also implicated in corruption.

Among them are:

1-     Mohammed Reshid Isaq (speaker of the regional council)

2-     Kedit Abdi Ilsmae (former Trade and industry office head),

3-     Ahmed Abdi (former finance office head),

4-     Fertune Abdi Mehdi (former Water resource head),

5-     Suad Ahmed Farah (former deputy head of the region),

6-     Abdihalim Mohammed (former Water development office head),

7-     Majida Mohammed (former head of the region’s president office),

8-     Ayan Gulande (former Gode town Finance office head),

9-     Mohammed Heryo (former education office head),

10- Abdi Momamed Abbas (former pastoral and rural development office head),

11- Mohammed Bille (former technique and vocational training office head) and

12- Nesra Hassan (former advisor to the office of the regional administration office)

While some are in the country others are said to be overseas, says a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)


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