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ISIS killer’s wife sues British spies for £1million saying she was beaten and shackled after she visited her husband in Somalia

Monday February 4, 2019

Abdulqadir Mumin, accused of heading the Islamic State group in East Africa, used to hate preach in London

The wife of a jihadi who fought with ISIS is seeking up to £1million in compensation over claims she was shackled, whipped and interrogated by British intelligence officials.

Muna Abdule says MI6 operatives mistreated her and quizzed her over husband Abdelqadir Mumin.

Her accusations include that a mystery man called 'The British interrogator' interrogated her in Somalia in 2013 with information she claims must have come from the UK.

She also claims she was hit with metal cables, and humiliated, the Daily Mirror revealed.

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If proven she could receive up to £1million in compensation.

Court papers say: 'She says she was hooded in a manner which made it painful for her to breathe. She was threatened with being killed... She was frightened and slept little.'

Mrs Abdule lives in Berkshire while her husband who is linked with Mohammed Emwazi – known as executioner Jihadi John - is banned from the country.

Abdelqadir Mumin used to be a key recruiter and facilitator for the al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab in Somalia after fleeing his home in South London.

He became one of the few high profile al-Shabaab figures to switch his allegiance to ISIS and has since fled with a small band of jihadis to the remote mountains in Puntland.

Mumin used to preach at Greenwich mosque, which is believed to have been where Mohammed Emwazi and Michael Adebolajo occasionally attended prayers.

Abdelqadir Mumin with terrorists in the remote desert. He is believed to be in Somalia

Mumin was visited by his wife in 2013 who says she was tortured afterwards by British intelligence officers

Upon fleeing to Somalia in 2010, Mumin burnt his passport and declared he would spend the rest of his life fighting jihad.

Mrs Abdule's lawyer Shubhaa Srinivasan told the Mirror: 'Despite the Government's insistence it eschews torture, my client's case... tells a different story.'

Sensitive parts of the case will be heard in private at the agreement of a High Court judge.

Previously after being accused of involvement in torture outside of the UK, Britain has paid £20million in compensation to up to 20 claimants.


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