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Controversial singer forced to apologise over remarks in the midst of terror attack in Mogadishu

Tuesday December 31, 2019

LONDON (HOL) - Controversial Somaliland singer who caused public uproar for calling on Mogadishu to let go Somaliland to pursue its independence at a time the country was in the middle of a terror attack has apologized amid pressure.

The Hargeisa based singer who goes by the stage name Mohamed BK attracted public ire Sunday during a performance in London when he said peace can only be realised in Mogadishu ‘if you let Somaliland get its recognition’.

The controversial singer alleged that ‘bombs in Mogadishu’ will end when Somaliland is recognized as an independent state. His remarks attracted anger and rebuke with Somalis online condemning him.

“Instead of saying his prayers and sending condolences to those affected in Mogadishu, BK is bringing in the issue of Somaliland,” one tweeter said.

Some even filed petitions online for his UK visa to be revoked. Following the public uproar and disapproval, BK made a public apology Monday night in a TV interview. But in his apology, he said his statements were misrepresented.

"I extend my condolences to the relatives of victims of the blast. Misrepresentation is worse than sorcery,” BK said. “I said good things and extended condolences but some people took advantage and misinterpreted. My fans and Somali people I love you, I apologise to you about what happened and to those who misunderstood my words.”

He pledged to avoid mixing politics and art.


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