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Coalition For Change & Clan Elders Meeting With Somalia International Partners

Friday August 16, 2019

 The Jubaland Council for Change together with the traditional clan leaders had a meeting with Somalia international partners lead by the UNSG Special Representative for Somalia and Head of UNSOM Amb. James Swan.  Amb. Swan who officially opened the meeting stated that the International Community’s position in funding ways to comprehensively improve the electoral process of Jubaland to one acceptable to all stakeholders.

He further asked the Coalition of their minimum requirements to attain the ICs will.

newsinsidThe Presidential Candidates Coalition have taken the floor and have reiterated their need for single transparent electoral process subject to the following requirements and demands.

1) Sojourn all ongoing one-sided election activities and extended the timeline to give room for negotiation and campaigning;

2) Disband both election committees;

3) Form an inclusive election team with representatives from the two sides;

4) Agree on one inclusive list of genuine clan elders and consequently go back to the drawing board;

5) Allow the agreed genuine clan elders to select one candidate for each parliamentary position;

6) That the presidential election process be undertaken by the upcoming parliament and not the electoral commission.

The IC collectively reiterated their concern for having a single, free, fair, and transparent process acceptable to all.  The traditional clan elders in the meeting raised the concern of their current shambolic electoral body micro-managed by the incumbent and the urgent need of having a reputable committee to spearhead free, fair and transparent election to sustain the stability of Jubaland.

The meeting was adjourned by Ambassador James Swan


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