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Daily Paper Joins Elman Peace for Charitable, Hand-Drawn T-shirt Capsule

Wednesday April 17, 2019
By Jake Silbert

Featuring bright artwork sourced from Somalian youths

As part of its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, Amsterdam’s Daily Paper is teaming up with Elman Peace, based in Mogadishu. A non-profit founded in 1990, Elman Peace seeks to empower the local community, cultivate leadership and promote peace in the spirit of its founder, ELman Ali Ahmed, known in Somalia as “Somali’s Father of Peace.”

With each of its three founders’ African history, Daily Paper’s collaborative capsule is a logical team-up. The release consists of ten white tees, each sporting a graphic drawn by a young artist. Aged 13-16 years-old, the children all left armed militias to reclaim their lives with Elman Peace’s aid, relying on a blend of rehabilitation and reintegration informed by art therapy.

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Daily Paper branding on the rear is the only constant throughout the collection, with each youth’s distinctive art style yielding wholly disparate tees. Illustrative renderings of houses, herons, airplanes and English text appear throughout, all executed in bright hues of yellow, blue, red and green, with the occasional contrasting black.

Naturally, the proceeds from the shirt sales will benefit Elman Peace’s art therapy program, with Daily Paper soon beginning construction on a full-sized soccer pitch for the benefit of the Elman Peace members and Somalian community.

The Elman Peace x Daily Paper capsule is available on Daily Paper’s site in a limited run.

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