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Hirshabelle government refutes naming underage boy as Deputy DC of Gambole

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday March 20, 2018

Interior Ministry of Hirshabelle administration on Monday dismissed allegations that it appointed underage boy as deputy district commissioner.

A 16 year old, Feysal Abdullahi Omar recently claimed to have been appointed as Deputy District Commissioner of Gambole in Middle Shabelle.

Mohamed Ali Aadle, Hirshabelle Interior Minister refuted the claims saying his ministry had not named any underage individual to that post.

" We have named an adult person for that post. There is no way that we can appointed a 16 year old student, when we have several adult applicants for this position," said Aadle.

Aadle assumed the boy might have confused with the names of the appointed officials.

"The boy may have misunderstood or confused with the names of the appointed individual. Maybe they have same names but he should confirm first before going to public," the Minister noted.

Gambole town which lies 50km west of the administrative capital of Jowhar was liberated early this month by Somali forces in collaborating with AMISOM troops.


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