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New Exhibit at History Center Shows Somali History, Culture in Minnesota

Saturday June 9, 2018

An exhibit celebrating Somali strength and resilience in Minnesota is expected to kick off in the next few weeks at the Minnesota History Center.

The exhibit is titled "Somalis + Minnesota".

Performance and multi-media artists Ifrah Mansour has lived in Minnesota for 19 years and said she is pleased to see the Minnesota History Center, "reflecting our community." 

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"People might not know what we have experienced," she said. "People don't have a direct way of getting to know us."

She said that can change by this first of its kind exhibit.

Some of the artifacts were brought in from Somalia just for the exhibit, including an Aqal Soomaali, a traditional home used by nomads.

 "Our vision and goal is to educate the Minnesotans with the Somali culture," Osman Ali, founder and executive director of the Somali Museum of Minnesota, said. "At the same time, to educate the young generation who were born and raised here."

"Somalis + Minnesota" is expected to open on June 23. 

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