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QC implements health projects in Somalia

Thursday July 12, 2018

Qatar Charity (QC) has implemented a number of health projects in Somalia during the first half of 2018.
The implementation has come as part of its development intervention in the field of health, which is based on the integration of the curative and preventive aspects, QC has said in a statement.

QC’s health interventions focus on countries that lack sufficient primary health care services and suffer from the spread of infectious and endemic diseases and high mortality rates, especially child and maternal mortality. “QC’s interventions aim to contribute to improving health services in such
countries,” the statement notes.

Qatar Charity implements various health and medical projects in Somalia, such as building health clinics, organising medical caravans for disaster relief and providing first aid, giving priority to the neediest areas and people.

The organisation implements these health projects in co-ordination with the Somali Ministry of Health and Mogadishu University.

During the current year, QC has implemented the Shifa clinic project in Yakhshid district of Mogadishu, which was opened in May and is run by medical college students of Mogadishu University to provide basic services to the poor and displaced in the region.

The 600sq m clinic consists of 11 rooms, a waiting area, an outpatient clinic, a maternity room, patient rooms, a pharmacy, a doctor’s room and a laboratory. It provides health services, medical consultations and free medicines to patients.

The clinic operates at its maximum capacity and receives daily more than 80 cases, as it is located at the northern end of Yakhchid district, where more than 150,000 people live.

Also, QC has built a dispensary in the Wadjer neighbourhood of capital Mogadishu, which was opened at the end of last month. The 300sq m dispensary consisting of six rooms and a waiting area provides primary health services and maternity services as well as nutrition services for children under the age of five.

According to a statement of the CESVI office in Somalia, every day, as many as 120 people will benefit from the services of the dispensary as it is located in an impoverished neighbourhood, where around 93,000 people live, most of whom cannot afford the cost of private hospitals.

Qatar Charity is also working on the construction of many health centres and clinics.

The Elesha Biyaha dispensary is expected to be opened soon in Lower Shabelle region, which is a heavily populated area where there is no public hospital that provides the required health services to the local people.

Other five multi-service centres will be constructed in Kismayo, Baidoa, Dusamareb and Middle Shabelle during the second half of this year until the beginning of next year.

In July and August, medical convoys will be despatched to camps in capital Mogadishu, which will provide free health services for the displaced. Each convoy is expected to provide medical services and consultations for 80 people, in addition to holding regular meetings with the displaced to provide instructions on public health and health education.


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