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Supporters, opponents of Ethio-Somali region admin clash in Addis

The Reporter
Wednesday July 11, 2018
By Dawit Endeshaw

While at a gathering at Friendship Hotel in Addis Ababa in two different halls, the supporters and opponents of the administration of the Ethio-Somali Regional State engaged in a clash at the Hotel.

Both groups gathered at Friendship Hotel to hold meetings in two different halls, despite ending in a clash.

As witnessed by The Reporter both groups had entered into their rooms on the first and second floors. But, because of the allegation from the supporters that the opponents tried to take their pictures without their consent, the two groups engaged in a fight injuring one named Ibrahim Abdulkadir on his eyes.

According to Ibrahim, he was attacked for opposing the regional administration.

Finally, the clash was controlled by the involvement of the Addis Ababa and Federal Police officers. Both groups were then made to leave the hotel.


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