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Ethiopia inaugurates Chinese-built electricity transmission line

Friday July 6, 2018

Ethiopia on Friday inaugurated a 458-km 230-Kilo Volts (KV) electricity transmission line that will traport electricity from Alamata in the north to Legetafo in central Ethiopia near the capital city Ansddis Ababa.

The transmission line was built jointly by two Chinese firms, including Sichuan Electric Power Transmission and Transformation Construction Limited (SPTTC) and Jiangsu ETERN company Limited.

Speaking to Xinhua, Li Xiaodong, Project Manager of SPTTC, said the project will help Ethiopian consumers receive reliable power supply.

"The transmission line financed by the World Bank started in November 2017 and was completed in eight months with safety, efficiency and quality", Li said.

"This project built at a bid price of 20 million U.S. dollars will benefit local people," he further said.

Girma Zeleke, Transmission, Substation, Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project Manager of Ethiopia Electric Power (EEP) on his part, said the 230 KV electricity transmission line built by the two Chinese firms is a first of its kind as it will work alongside another nearby 230 KV transmission line, helping end sporadic power cuts in Addis Ababa and other major cities.

Ephrem Desalegn, Assistant Manager of Sichuan Electric Power Transmission and Transformation Construction Limited, said he's seen a steady increase in salary and job promotion, ever since he was first employed by the company five years ago.

"When I entered the company, I was first hired as a foreman, since then I have been able to learn job skills and learn to speak Chinese language", said Desalegn.

"I have learned how to work with diligence and hard work, with quality and efficiency from my five years' work experience with my Chinese superiors", he said.8


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