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Prime Minister meets Sudanese President to discuss bilateral relations

Hiiraan Online
Tuesday August 7, 2018

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire meets with President Omar Al Bashir of Sudan. SUPPLIED

Khartoum (HOL) - Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire travelled to Sudan on Tuesday to meet with President Omar Al Bashir in Khartoum.

Khaire thanked President Al Bashir and the people of Sudan for providing scholarships to more than seven thousands Somali students across different universities in Sudan. During his visit, PM Khaire visited International Africa University which hosts the largest number of Somali students.

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The meeting comes on the heels of a signing ceremony for the latest power-sharing agreement to end the hostilities in South Sudan.

Khaire congratulated President Al Bashir for his role in the negotiations that aims to bring peace and stability to Africa’s youngest country.

The African-led initiative to bring the two warring factions to the negotiations was championed as ‘African solutions to African problems’, a sentiment shared by Prime Minister Khaire.

“The World has now seen that solutions are best found within the region, and [by] those who understand the contextual challenges we face in our region,” the Prime Minister highlighted.

The two leaders also met privately to discuss a wide range of issues including security, economic growth and strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

“This was a very productive meeting…. and I am very grateful for the warm hospitality,” concluded the Prime Minister.

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