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Leading Kenyan MP rebukes Somali leaders over ‘detrimental’ political crisis

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday September 26, 2018

NAIROBI (HOL) – Kenyan majority leader criticized Somali government and regional leaders for engaging in an ‘unfavorable’ political crisis, urging willingness in enabling progress towards ending the crisis pitting the central government and regional states.

Leaders of Somalia’s regional states who announced that they severed ties with the government have failed to turn to a meeting convened by the country’s president which was scheduled to take place in the capital, Mogadishu on Monday. Earlier this month, the five regional states have accused the government of failing to deliver on its promises as well as not willing to come up with mechanism for sharing the country’s resources.

“Their political fight that we are hearing every day in the midst of deaths of innocent civilians is so shameful,” said Aden Barre Duale, Kenya’s house majority leader in an interview with Universal TV, a London-based Somali television states, referring to the political dispute pitting Somali president, his prime minister against the regional leaders.

Mr. Duale, an influential Somali-Ethnic Kenyan politician said that it was a high time for Somali leaders to unite for the good of their country, plagued by political infighting and deadly violence by al-Shabab militants and sent a special message to the president.

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“President Farmajo: Its you who has to show patience and leadership and avoid challenging them. You should become the father, and they have to rally behind you.” He noted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Duale has sent a sharp criticism to all leaders involved in the political rift, calling their challenge an ‘embarrassment’.

“All of them have failed to meet public expectations, that’s my personal view as a Somali-ethnic political, not the Kenyan government’s views.” He said.

The ongoing political crisis which analysts warned would endanger fragile gains against militants fighting the government and African Union forces could derail the government of President Mohamed Farmajo come amid a sharp rise in the violence plaguing the horn of Africa nation as suspected al-Shabab fighters stepped up assassinations across the capital, Mogadishu since last month.

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