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Al-Shabaab persecutes Kenyan fighters for spying, backing Islamic State

Friday September 7, 2018

Al Shabaab has increasingly been persecuting Kenyan fighters over spying allegations, attempted desertions and pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

This has instilled fear among them, leading to more divisions between Muhajireen (foreign fighters) and Answar (native Somalis).

On April 2, Ahmed Yusuf Hassan and Ahmed Nur Osoble, both Kenyan fighters, were executed by al Shabaab firing squad at Buq Aqable in Hiraan region.

They were accused of collaborating with the Somalia government and Amisom forces.

Other Kenyan militants executed recently by their al Shabaab masters over spying claims include former Moi University student Jared Mukaya Omambia alias Abdulaziz.

Abdulaziz is a Nairobi recruit, while Abdallah Talal Musa alias manman and Faraj Abdulmajid are from Mombasa.

Credible security sources indicate the terror group is looking for a key Kenyan commander who disappeared after being deployed for operations along the Kenya-Somalia border.
Moulid Mohammed Bilal is in hiding to evade capture and possible execution by the Somalia-based terror group.

Bilal, a Kenyan Ogaden from Abdalla Abdi Karim sub-clan, was born in December 1972 at Hulugho in Garissa. He is married to two wives.

Before joining al Shabaab Bilal was a Duksi (Madrassa) teacher at Tumtish and Garabey.

He is reported to have recruited some of his students and Ogaden clansmen into the terrorist organisation.

Al Shabaab leadership made him a commander because of his background and knowledge of Garissa.

Security and media reports indicate another senior Kenyan commander Ahmed Iman Ali has fallen out with his terror bosses. He is seeking to defect from the group or pledge allegiance to the Islamic State.

In August last year, al Shabaab’s second in command Mukhtar Robow defected to the Somali government.

The latest attempt by Iman to defect, Bilal's hiding and prosecution of fighters shows divisions between Kenyan commanders and al Shabaab's leadership. The source said the terror group could be steadily losing Kenyan support.


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