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Jubaland consultative conference concludes in Mogadishu

Saturday October 13, 2018

Kismayo (HOL) - A consultative conference between two major clans living in Jubaland was concluded this week at Hawo-Tako Hotel in Mogadishu.

The main points of the communique issued are:

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1. To maintain the unity and the cooperation between the clans living in Jubaland state

2. They called upon AMISOM, Jubaland and the federal government to join their hands in the efforts to liberate areas under control of Al-Shabaab. They condoled with the victims of the airstrikes in the region and urged the federal government and Jubaland to take action on the issues (bombardment).

3. They called on Jubaland to announce procedure of the 2019 election in accordance with article 4 of the state's charter.

4. They called for a free and fair election which should take place on the date slated for it. They also called on the organizations and governments supporting Somalia to take part the process (of the election) and its observations as to make the election one which is far from irregularities.

5. The participants of the conference agreed to support the federal government. They also recommended the federal government and its member states to resolve their differences.

Finally, the two sides agreed to appoint a technical committee whose task would be to organize a conference to discuss on the future of Jubaland state.

Here is an original copy of the press release

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