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Qatar secures permission to export Somalia’s wildlife

Saturday October 6, 2018


MOGADISHU (HOL) – Somalia’s government has granted Qatar a new permission allowing the tiny Gulf state to export the country’s wildlife species, a move which environmentalists have warned threatens to drive many endangered species to extinction in a country which lacks wildlife legislations.

However, the cash-strapped horn of Africa nation argues that the permit allowing Qatar to export 14 wildlife species from the country was given to raise money to improve the conservation in the long-chaotic country that contains a variety of mammals due to its geographical and climatic diversity.

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In a statement issued by the ministry of agriculture and wildlife affairs, the Qatari government has the authorization to export 14 species of dik dik from the country, and provided certification of statements on their health.

The development marks the first time in history that Somalia has granted permission for a foreign state to export its wildlife animals, including the highly endangered dik dik species.

With its geographical and climatic diversity, Somalia has some of the largest wildlife species in the world as wild animals are found in every region in the country.

Among the dik dik species that the country is known for are Salts and Silver that largely live in the rural areas.


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