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Somali army kills 5 al-Shabab militants in southern region

Monday October 1, 2018

Somali National Army (SNA) on Sunday killed five al-Shabab militants and injured several others during a fierce fighting between the soldiers and insurgents in the southern part of the Horn of Africa nation.

SNA Army Commander in the area, Yusuf Hussein Osman said the army and Jubbaland forces also liberated several areas during the operation which took place in regions about 70km north of Kismayo, the administrative capital of Jubbaland.

"Our forces are making military progress in an on-going operation in the region, we killed five al-Shabab militants and several others were injured while two of our soldiers sustained injuries," Osman told journalists.

He said al-Shabab militants strongly resisted by dropping mortar shells towards the army but were overpowered.

Among the areas liberated included Bangini, Mana-mufo and Koban -- all in Jamame, the strategic and major al-Shabab stronghold town in Lower Jubba region.

Osman vowed to carry out with operations to liberate several regions still under the militants' control.

Al-Shabab militants did not comment on the latest military operations in Lower Jubba region so far.


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