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Miracle baby emerges unscathed after falling onto tracks and under moving train

Wednesday November 21, 2018
By John Hadden

WATCH ABOVE: Footage shows 'miracle baby' emerge unscathed after run over by train. WARNING: Disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

A baby in India is lucky to be alive after her family jumped off a train, dropping her onto the tracks and underneath the moving locomotive.

A man identified as Sonu, his wife and two children, had boarded the 11:30 a.m. Samata Express on Tuesday en route to Jhansi. But according to local sources, the family felt forced to get off the train as it began to depart because a purse had gone missing.

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Sonu and his older child were first to disembark the moving train. Panic struck moments later when his one-year-old daughter, Saheeba, slipped out of her mother’s arms when she returned to the platform.

Saheeba fell between the moving train and platform and found herself wedged in the tracks. Footage shows that shocked onlookers gathered while some waited for a chance to help the child.

Saheeba was picked up and reunited with her family seconds after the train had passed. She escaped without a scratch.

Local railway police were notified. The family was released after recovering from shock.

— With files from The Associated Press

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