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Chiefs given 24 hours to end Wajir clan clashes

Saturday November 10, 2018

     Loyford Kibaara, Wajir County Commissioner

Three more people have been killed in a retaliatory attack in ongoing inter-clan clashes in over land in Wajir County.

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The attack brings the death toll in the raging clan warfare to four in just two days.

A pregnant woman and her 13-year-old daughter are among those killed in the retaliatory attack, Wajir County Commissioner Loyford Kibaara said. An elderly man in his 50s was also killed.

This attack comes a day after one person was killed and two others seriously injured on Wednesday after a fight broke out over a new joint settlement scheme.

The two warring clans, Matan and Geleble are reported to have engaged in a gunfight after the disagreement.

The killing of the elderly man is said to have triggered the retaliatory attack.
Mr Kibaara said that a contingent of security officers have been deployed in the area to prevent further fighting.

He further said the chiefs in the area have been given 24 hours to produce the killers and the firearms used.​

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