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Three killed, scores injured in fierce gun fight along Isiolo-Garissa border

Tuesday November 6, 2018

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Three people have been killed and scores wounded in a fierce gun battle between two rival groups of herders along Isiolo-Garissa border.

The gun fight started at around 6 am Tuesday morning at Janju after members of one village attacked residents of a neighboring village. Janju is near Modogashe in Garba-Tula District, Isiolo County.

Garba-Tula Deputy County Commissioner Victor Kamonde has said so far three people are confirmed dead while several others have sustained gunshot wounds.

The Borana from Garba-Tula in Isiolo and their Aulihan counterpart from Lagdera in Garissa have had a long history of conflict with the recent one dating back to 2015 where hundreds have been killed and thousands of families displaced.

The two sides are also involved in border disputes in areas like Eldera and Kambi Samaki.

The Borana were displaced from Eldera four months ago and the displaced families are camping in Garba-Tula town.

Eight candidates from Eldera Primary School did their KCPE at Modogashe. KCPE and KCSE scripts for Modogashe and Sericho areas were airlifted by a chopper after bandits attacked motorists along Garba-Tula-Modogashe road.

Mr. Kamonde said a joint security team from Garba-Tula and Lagdera are patrolling the affected areas in a bid to unite warring communities.


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