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Pacifying Somalia: It’s been a decade since ‘Operation Linda Nchi’ was initiated in Somalia

K24 TV
Monday May 21, 2018

It is nearly 10 years since the Kenya Defence Forces entered Somalia in a military operation code named, “linda nchi”

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First the Kenyan forces set their eyes on the strategic port of Kismayu in its march to neutralize the Al shabaab militant group before being rehatted into the African Union Mission in Somalia -Amisom.

Despite loosing hundreds of our gallant soldiers, the KDF and Amisom mission has largely been successful with the former war torn country now enjoying relative peace with a new government in place.

Shukri Wachu visited the front line of the war in Somalia and witnessed the changing face of Somalia and tells us the future of the horn of Africa country can never be brighter.


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