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Hirshabelle government plans build dams on River Shabelle to avert recurrent floods

Hiiraan Online
Saturday May 19, 2018

Hirshabelle state plans to build a dam to avert floods from River Shabelle in Beledweyne town amid thousands were displaced by heavy floods.

Last month, 90% of Beledweyne residents were displaced by floods after River Shabelle breached its banks.

In an interview with Hiiraan Online, Hirshabelle President, Mohamed Abdi Waare said his government was keen to launch a project to build dams on River Shabelle.

"We are carrying out plans to avert floods by the river. We will build dams as soon as possible," said Ware.

Asked about the humanitarian crisis that hit Beledweyne town, Mr. Waare said close to 40% of residents in the town have no food and water.

"People are in need of clean water because the town has no clean water. Our first priority is getting clean water for these people as preventive measures to avert an outbreak of water-borne diseases," he noted.

 The Shabelle River in Beledwene town rose to above normal following the onset of the long rains season.
Over 100,000 people were estimated to have been displaced as most of them moved to higher grounds on the outskirts of the town.

Beledweyne town which lies 335km north of Mogadishu is the most affected.

Somali government under the aegis of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) is carrying out initiatives to set up dams and reservoirs in Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle region.

In March, the government inked an agreement with TIKA rebuild the Jowhar Off-Stream Storage Reservoir of Middle Shabelle region and another dam in Hiiraan region, aimed at controlling flooding downstream.


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