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Kenya agrees to pause security wall construction along Somalia border

Hiiraan Online
Wednesday March 28, 2018

Nairobi (HOL) - Officials from Somalia and Kenya have jointly agreed to halt the construction of the Security between the border of the countries following a meeting in Mandera town.

Gedo Governor, Mohamed Mohamud Mohamed said the officials discussed on the means ease the tension between Mandera and Bula Hawo towns and the construction of the wall.

"The officials from Somalia and Kenya met in Mandera, after lengthy discussions, our counterparts in Kenya accepted to stop the construction of the wall until the governments (of Somalia and Kenya) officially open talks on the border issue," said Mohamed.

According to the governor, national level officials from both sides will meet soon to proceed the talks over the border dispute.

The governor lauded the local officials in Mandera for their commitment to respect the neighbourhood.

"The leaders in Mandera are always ready to respect the peace of both residents in Bula Hawo and Mandera town, that is why they accepted to stop the construction of the wall till the issue is put into more discussions," he commended.

Northeastern Regional Coordinator, Mohamud Salah spoke to the local media said leaders in Gedo and Mandera County resolved and eased the tension which has been escalating since January when the government of Kenya resumed the wall construction.

" The tension has been eased, the leaders agreed to discuss more the root cause of the tension," said Salah.

Following deadly attacks carried out by Somalia based Al-Shabaab militants, Kenya started construction of 700km long security wall along its porous border with Somalia.

Kenya National Youth Service ( NYS) which was given the contract to construct the wall has so far built 10km.


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