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Senate forms Committee to probe raid on Abdi Qaybdid's House

Hiiraan Online
Saturday March 24, 2018

MOGADISHU (HOL) - Somalia’s Upper House on Saturday formed a committee to probe the raid on Abdi Qaydid's home late last year.

Abdi Qaydiid who heads the joint constitutional Review Committee had earlier expressed his discontent with the government's investigation into the incident.

The House appointed a five-member team headed by Mohamed Amin Osman to establish full report about the incident involved in the government's forces.

Other members of the committee are Ahmed Hashi, Mohamud, Abdirisack Ali Ahmed, Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail and Abdullahi Abdi Garrun.

In December last year, soldiers who were reportedly trained by UAE stormed the residential house of Abdi Qaybdid.

Subsequently, the federal government arrested over 40 UAE trained officers for the attack.

The Senator who was not at home during the raid called the raid a failed assassination attempt.

In a resolution in January, the senators called on Defense ministry and military command to immediately arraign in the court the soldiers who attacked the house of Senator Abdi Qaybdid in contrary to the constitution of the country.


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