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Rescue efforts underway after a commercial boat caught fire near Bosaso port

Hiiraan Online
Monday March 19, 2018

BOSSASO (HOL) - Rescue efforts is underway after a commercial boat caught fire near Bosasso Port of Puntland State.

The boat which was carrying cars, Petrol and food stuffs sailed from Dubai, UAE.

The fate of the crew of  Nur Sabir Merchant Boat is unknown as Puntland administration dispatched rescue team to the vessel

Bosasso port authorities have not yet commented on the cause of the accident.

Last Month, a commercial ship carrying millions of dollars worth of cargo has run aground near Bosaso port in Puntland.

Al-Hafis Boat was said have been carrying about 1,700 tones of consignment was offloaded by Rescue Mission in collaboration with the locals five days after the accident.

HOL will continue to update the fate of this boat and its crew.


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