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Senate House gives a nod the resolution banning DP World from Somalia

Hiiraan Online
Thursday March 15, 2018

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali Senate House on Thursday has followed suit of the Lower House members to ban DP World Company from Somalia.

The senators have been debating on a resolution declaring UAE’s port operator as a threat to Somalia’s sovereignty for last two days.

36 senators have participated two consecutive rounds of voting which aimed at amending and approving a resolution issued by the members of Lower House three days ago.

During the first round of the voting, the members ruled out any alteration of the resolution with the yes votes of 24 senators as eleven others sought to amend it leaving behind with one senator to abstain.

In the second phase of the voting, the members of House nodded the ban with 28 votes of the 36 members of the Senate in today’s session.

The resolution which overwhelmingly passed by the members of Lower House on Monday bans DP World from Somalia, declaring the company a threat to the union of Somalia.

As the parliamentary process of the resolution completed, it will move to Villa Somalia for signature before implemented by the executive members led by Prime minister, Hassan Ali Khaire.


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