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Roba’s cabinet sworn in, told not to count on clan protection

Friday July 27, 2018
Stephen Astarik

Mandera governor Ali Roba on October 15,2016

Mandera governor Ali Roba has urged residents to hold the newly sworn in CECs accountable as it is their right to get services.

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The 10 CECs took their oaths yesterday in the presence of resident magistrate Peter Areri. Governor Roba (pictured) thanked the county assembly for fast-tracking their approval.

“You were selected due to our confidence in your ability to deliver. Your security of tenure is contingent on your ability to meet our expectations. We will not allow hubris due to a false perception of security of tenure, in the belief that your clan will protect your claim to the position you hold. You all must deliver,” Roba said. He said the problems experienced in appointing the executive were a thing of the past.

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