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BBC News Somali Young Female Poet 2018 Award Revealed

BBC World Service
Thursday July 19, 2018

The winner of the BBC News Somali Young Female Poet 2018 award is 18 year old Shugri Jama Ibrahim, a form three Student from Bosaaso, Somalia. Shugri's winning poem explores old Somali culture and the cultural utensils that were in use in nomadic life.

The winning poem will be broadcast by BBC News Somali and Shugri will be awarded at a ceremony today in Garowe. Also collecting runners up awards will be 2nd place winner Nimo Ahmed Tohyare from Hargeisa and 3rd place winner Miski Warsame Nur from Garowe.

This is the 2nd year of the BBC News Somali Young Female Poet award which highlights the culture of poetry among Somali-speaking women, wherever they are - bringing the audience new and unique voices. Somali women's creativity is widely acclaimed and this BBC award is providing women with an avenue to showcase their talent and creativity.

Last year's winner was a student from Hargeisa: Deeqa Nouh Yonis , who says she has become famous and has continued to write poetry. Today's winner Shugri Jama Ibrahim was the first runner up in the 2017 awards.

The winning poem (in Somali)
Dhaqan guuna hidde dheemanoo dhaxal awowgeena
Iyo agab dhamaysaan lahayn dhoofka ka horoowe
Dhiil culeyleh xeedhiyo fandhaal gaawe dhinacyaala
Dhoqol sebiga meel loo dhigiyo dhiisha buqulkeeda
Danbiil dhego leh saab dhebiya iyo doobi dhumuc wayn leh
Qarbad iyo wadaan dhogorlehoo awrta lagu dhaansho
Kabo saanta laga dheegayoo dheeliga aqoonin
Intasoon inagu dhabu lahayn layska wada dhaafye
Waxaa maanta weel laga dhigtaa koob dhegloo jaba e
Ka dhiidhiya hiddahan dheeliyoo dhawra agabkeena
Farsamooyinkii dhaadanaa dhayda ka cadeeeye
Dhaqan hodona baan leenehee dhabuga faalooda

The winning poem (in English):
Ageless customs and cultural heritage of diamantine strength,
Of well finished tools, ours was, before the exodus:
A smoke-cleaned milk churn, wooden bowl and ladle beside a milk pot,
An urn for the child, the wooden churn and her fitting bung,
A basket with shanks, a case made from dhebi tree and a largish wooden mug,
A canvas bag, the bristly ewer used to fill up (the water pots for) the carrier stallions,
Shoes made of leather, with soles well-fitted to balance the stance:
All these: (products) of our traditional artistry - an industry nowadays so spurned.
So, agitate, o you all, for our lost deftness and refurbish your craft!
Dust off the neglected artifice let's have it shine!
We are of a rich culture, so let's (the woe and the way out it) discuss


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