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Kenyan police foil al-Shabab attack in border region

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Kenyan security officers early Tuesday thwarted al-Shabab attack on a police camp in Liboi border town in northeast Kenya.

Garissa County Commissioner Joshua Chepchieng said about 20 heavily armed militants believed to have crossed from neighboring Somalia attempted to raid an Administration Police camp in Amey but were repulsed.

Chepchieng said the militants chose to ambush the police officers at 2 a.m. local time but quick response from the officers who have been on high alert kept them at bay.

"We have information that the militants have been planning to attack the camp and other key installations along the border but have been on high alert," Chepchieng told journalists in Garissa.

He denied reports that some of the officer were injured in the heavy gun fire between them and the militants and were missing noting that they have all been accounted for.

"I want to also state that no firearms were stolen and the militants did not take away the police land cruiser as alleged," Chepchieng said.

The government administrator said the militants partially destroyed the Safaricom mast fairly weakening the mobile phone communication in the area. The militants usually destroy telecommunication mast to disrupt communication in the area before they could inflict harm on the local.

The militants have been targeting police patrols, camps and the Safaricom mast in their attacks along the border in a bid to disrupt police response to their attacks.


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