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Mandera residents decry poor state of road in the region

Hiiraan Online
Sunday January 7, 2018

A public service bus on its way from Mandera. PHOTO: Daniel Wesangula

Nairobi (HOL) - Residents of Mandera county are up in arms against the poor state of their main roads that link the county to the country's capital.

The poor road network in Mandera county which borders with Somalia's Gedo region has greatly contributed to recurrent grisly accidents.

Mohamed Abdi Kadiye, a businessman in the county who survived from a car accident on Thursday in Wajir county said residents faulted the state for turning a blind eye to the class B road that connects Mandera, Wajir and Garissa towns.

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"Residents in Northeastern Kenya are now forced to pay the price for choosing bad leaders, since independence, about half century ago, we are suffering because of poor infrastructure and bad leadership," Kadiye who spoke Hiiraan Online phone.

He complained that the poor state of roads in the area was an inconvenience to both the motorists and pedestrians, especially during the rainy season.

Ahmed Adan Ali, a bus driver attributed many road accidents in the region to the dilapidated roads as cars faced difficulties moving on the road.

“It leaves a lot to be desired from the MPs because bad roads are actually causing accidents here, many people die and seems no government is ready to solve this problem, the region is totally marginalized, ” he said.

According to Ali, the residents of Mandera are planning to protest against the poor roads in the county.

" We are planning to organize massive demonstrations, we want to tell the county and central governments the reality. The protest is expected to take place in the forthcoming days," said ALI.

The sentiment comes just a day after over five passengers were injured when a Nairobi-bound bus from Mandera heading to Nairobi lost control.

The accident happened on Thursday between Tarbaja and Lafalay towns in Wajir county.

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