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Adan Duale: Kenya never planned to encroach into Somali territory

Hiiraan Online
Sunday January 7, 2018

Aden Bare Duale is the Majority Leader of the National Assembly of Kenya

The government of Kenya has never planned to encroach into territory of its neighbouring country, Somalia, Kenyan official said Saturday.

Kenya announced in 2015 that it will begin construction a 700Km long security wall along Kenya and Somalia border after Alshabaab raided several towns inside Kenya.

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Adan Barre Duale, the majority leader of Kenya's National Assembly faulted the reports accusing the east African nation of building the security wall inside Somalia.

"Kenya government never attempted and will  not attempt to take another country's land, the allegations were unfounded, even Somalia's  (former) interior minister who visited where the construction is going on, has known the reality that reports were false," Duale.

He blamed Alshabaab militants for the consequences of the wall saying the militant forced the government of Kenya to start building of security wall along Kenya and Somalia border.

Mr. Duale pointed out that his country would only stop the construction of the wall after Alshabaab is annihilated from the Somalia.

Last month, residents of Beled-Hawa had protested against the construction of the security wall following allegations that Kenya had encroached into Somalia's territory.

Somali government had last week dispatched delegation led by the country's then interior minister, Abdi Farah Juha to assess allegations against Kenya and the construction site is.

The government is yet to released the findings of the assessment as the interior minister was sacked just after he returned from Beled-Hawa town.

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