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Government issues 'terror warning' in Mogadishu

Hiiraan Online
Friday February 23, 2018


Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali government has warned of an imminent terror attack barely six months after the deadliest attack in Somalia's history.

Ministry of Information warned of a looming vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices ( VBIEDs) threat in the Somali capital.

Speaking to media after a cabinet meeting on Thursday, deputy minister for Information, Abdirahman Ifan Yonis warned the public of two vehicles loaded with explosives that security officials say is being planned to be used for an attack.

"The report submitted by security minister had shown that there were two VBIEDs sent to execute attacks in the city, one of the vehicles resembles those of Sahal Company which operates at the airport," said Yonis.

The minister noted that they put increased security measures by deploying security forces in many parts of the town.

"Intelligence reconnaissance operations will be increased. our forces will remain vigilant and we will take all necessary measures to foil the attacks," Yonis pledged.

He called on the public to work with the security officers and report any suspicious activity.

The warning comes barely six months after Mogadishu witnessed the infamous October deadly truck bomb.

The attack which was widely described as "The worst single attack in the country’s history" occurred at Zobe junction.

Over 500 people killed and more than 300 others wounded in the attack.

No group yet claimed the responsibility for the heinous attack though the Somali government has blamed Al-Shabaab.


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