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More work needed before oil flows in Ethiopia – Ministry

Wednesday December 12, 2018


Ethiopia’s Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas revealed that the country needs an additional three years to develop its petroleum resources in the Ogaden area.

According to the Ministry, there are a number of activities that need to be completed before entering the production process.

Ketsela Tadese, Petroleum Licensing and Administration Director at the Ministry told ENA that the drilling of hundreds of additional wells as well as development of various infrastructure facilities that are important for the production process, needs to be done in order to develop discovered resources.

According to Tadese, these activities could take up to three years.

Besides the resource in Ogaden, the country is working to explore other potential areas, Ketsela said. So far exploration has taken, or is taking place in the Rift Valley, Abbay, Mekelle, Metema, and Gambella basins.


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