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Somalis, Boranas sign peace accord

Wednesday December 5, 2018

The Somali and Borana communities have signed a peace deal to end hostilities and coexist in peace.

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The peace negotiations were led by the government and community elders. The deal was signed over the weekend after a two-day workshop at a Nanyuki hotel.

It brought together 50 elders from both communities and convened by administrators from Isiolo and Garissa counties.

The workshop came up with numerous peace measures, including a ceasefire between the two communities and return of all stolen livestock from Lagdera and Garbatulla long the Isiolo-Garissa border.

Other resolutions included resettlement of IDPs camping at Eldere trading centre, resolving the boundary dispute, confiscating illegal firearms and arresting the instigators of violence on both sides.

Garissa county commissioner Joshua Chepchieng, who co-convened the workshop with his Isiolo counterpart John Ondego, said the conflict has claimed five lives and displaced hundreds of people in the last three months alone.
Illegal firearms

“We are happy the  two communities have resolved to live peacefully and end hostilities,” Chepchieng said.

Ondego said that the government would immediately start mopping up all illegally held firearms to ensure violence does not recur.

Somo Roba, a leader of the Borana community, asked the Somali community to respect the peace accord and pledged his commitment to its full implementation.

Hamud Sheikh Mohamed, a Somali community leader, said that elders from both sides would regularly hold discussions to determine grazing rights and prevent conflicts over pasture.

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