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Police detain six additional officials from Ethiopian Somali regional state

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Ethiopia Federal Police Commissioner General Zeyinu Jemal
Ethiopia Federal Police Commissioner General Zeyinu Jemal

The federal police commission detained six additional officials of Ethiopian Somali regional state who have lost their immunity from prosecution last Sunday.

The regional state council striped immunity of seven officials, including the ex-chief administrator, Abdi Mohammed Omer, in an emergency session it held on Sunday.

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Police arrested Abdi Mohammed Omer yesterday for having links in the recent violence occurred in the regional state as well as human rights abuses and corruption.

The remaining six officials were also arrested, according to Zeyinu Jemal, Commissioner General of the Ethiopian Police Commission.

The detained officials will face justice soon, he told FBC today.

Commissioner Zeyinu further said efforts will be made to arrest other officials who have direct link with the violence in the regional state.

Police have also investigated and identified members and heads of a youth team organized by Abdi Mohammed Omer in the name “Hego,” he noted.

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