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Two Somali nationals killed in Mina stampede

Hiiraan Online
Thursday August 23, 2018

Jeddah (HOL) - Two Somali Nationals were killed in a stampede during the Holy Pilgrimage in Mina city near Mecca on Wednesday.

Reports say the death toll of pilgrims from Somalia this year hit four after two Somalis were killed in a tragedy that happened during the "stoning of the devil" ritual.

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The two Somali victims were identified as Haji Hassan Mohamed Jim'ale and Haji Ahmed Mohamed Saleh.

As a result of the stampede and death of his countrymen, Osman Ahmed Sheikh one of the thousands of Somali pilgrims in Mecca expressed concern over the plight of Somalis in Mecca.

In a video clip, Sheikh said the Somalis in Saudi Arabia face the apparent poor treatment and unfavourable accommodations.

The Somali government has not yet commented on the concerns of the Somali pilgrims and the tragic incident that the lives of Somali Nationals in Saudi Arabia. In the past, allegations have surfaced of mistreatment and abuse while fulfilling one of the main pillars of Islam.

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