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Bus operators urged not to aid foreigners influx

Monday August 20, 2018

Northeastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik /STEPHEN ASTARIKO

Newly appointed Northeastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik has warned bus companies and transporters against ferrying aliens from Somalia to Nairobi.

On Saturday, he said the government is monitoring bus companies and the transporters. “Some of these aliens could be members of al Shabaab terror group,” Birik said.

More road blocks, particularly on  the Modigar and Tana bridges, will be erected. “These are the main entry points aliens use to find their way to Garissa en route to Nairobi although there are many others routes all the way from Mandera, Wajir and the Garissa border with Somalia,” Birik said.

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Fifteen aliens from Somalia were arrested on their way to Garissa on Saturday night. They will be arraigned in court today.

KPR recruitment

Security agencies are interrogating them. “We intend to seal all loopholes, areas of weakness and avenues through which aliens come into the country,” Birik said.

He urged officials to step up efforts to improve security. “They should come up with effective strategies to manage security threats in this region to preempt any attacks from al Shabaab,” Birik said.

On Kenya Police Reservists, Birik said their capacity will be enhanced, adding they are the first line of the National Police Service on the ground and supplement efforts of the security agencies.

He said more KPRs will be recruited and posted on the border where al Shabaab have been operating.

Birik urged residents to work closely with security agencies and volunteer information that will help prevent attacks. He said all information shared will be held in confidence.


Mandera South MP Adan Kullow last week accused police officers of taking bribes and permitting terrorists to carry out attacks in Kenya.

Al Shabaab terrorists have staged many attacks in Mandera and other counties where they target both police and civilians.

They use explosives, that are planted in roads, and guns with which they kill or injure their victims. They also destroy communications masts.

Kullow alleged on Wednesday that security personnel along the Kenya-Somalia border are compromised and that this has also resulted in radicalisation through teachings at mosques. Regarding an attack last week that left three dead and two others critically injured, Kullow said KDF soldiers took more than 12 hours to respond.

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